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DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation Mistakes

Crawl space encapsulations can seem expensive and overwhelming all at once. To combat this, some homeowners choose to try DIY crawl space encapsulation kits. These kits have lower price tags, but require a little bit of hands-on work. Unfortunately, complications from a DIY gone wrong can end up costing way more than a professional crawl space install. Pick your battles.

Ditch the DIY Crawl Space

There are several DIY dangers to beware of when attempting a crawl space encapsulation self-install kit. These dangers range from minor inconvenience to major repairs needed. Including:

  • Improper ventilation
  • Trapped moisture
  • Compromised structural integrity

DIY Crawl Space Mistakes

Improper Ventilation

A humid or flooded crawl space can spell big problems for your home down the road. Ventilation in your crawl space is key to preventing moisture from becoming trapped in your crawl space. Don’t try to fix the problem yourself though. 

Many homeowners have fallen into the trap of thinking adding more vents or fans will fix the humidity and moisture problem in their crawl space. When in reality, adding additional vents yourself can actually increase the humidity levels in your crawl space. Even worse, the added vents could compromise the foundation of your home.

Additionally, venting dryers or other appliances into the crawl space can cause major humidity problems in your crawl space and in the rest of your home. Improperly vented dryers can even pose a fire risk to your home. Never attempt to vent your dryer into the crawl space.

Don’t attempt a DIY crawl space ventilation. Best to leave ventilation of your crawl space to the experts.

Trapped Moisture

One of the solutions for a humid crawl space is to install a vapor barrier and insulation. However, DIY crawl space insulation installs can cause more problems than it fixes. Installing insulation yourself along moist walls or beams can trap moisture in your crawl space. This moisture will quickly begin to grow mold or cause wood rot.

Rotting wood and growing mold can cause serious problems for your health and your home’s structure. Professional crawl space encapsulation services ensure that mold and moisture are controlled before installing insulation to prevent wood rot and mold growth. 

Compromised Structural Integrity

This danger is so great that it has been mentioned in both of the previous points above. However, there are additional DIY mistakes that can compromise the structural integrity of your home.

One particular mistake is stapling or nailing plastic vapor barrier sheeting to wood supports or joists in your crawl space. This plastic will trap moisture against the wood causing wood rot and mold growth. Wood rot will eat away at floor joists until your home requires expensive repairs down the road.

Get Professional Help

Don’t make these DIY crawl space mistakes. Trust an expert from Charles Moon Plumbing for a professional encapsulation that won’t land you in deep water down the road. Call Charles Moon Plumbing today for a free quote on a crawl space encapsulation for your home. 

Don't DIY, get a plumber


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