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Reduce Moisture in Your Basement

reduce moisture in your basement

The first step to making your basement livable is to reduce the moisture. Moisture can make your basement air feel heavy and damp, or your items could feel damp after a few days down there. This might become a problem down the road when items start to develop mold and mildew.

Crawl spaces can trap moisture as well, causing dangerous mold to grow on the floor joists of your home. One way to prevent dangerous crawl space moisture is to avoid DIY crawl space encapsulation. Always trust a professional. 

If you think you have a moisture problem downstairs, but you aren’t sure where the moisture is coming from, tape a one-inch piece of foil to the wall or concrete floor. Make sure all of the edges are sealed with tape. Leave the foil there for 24 hours-48 hours. After your set time is up, remove the foil and look for condensation.

  • If there is condensation on the side facing the wall, moisture could be seeping in from outside. To avoid that, follow our instructions for reducing moisture from outside.
  • If there is condensation on the side facing the basement, your basement could be trapping humidity. Follow our instructions for dehumidifying your basement.

Both of these options can be dangerous for your home. Take the necessary actions to help reduce the moisture in your home, or call a professional for help right away. 

Reduce Moisture from Outside

The first step to reducing moisture from seeping in from outside is to add gutter extensions to your downspouts. Gutter extensions allow downspouts to drain farther away from your home and reduce rainwater build up against your foundation.

If that doesn’t fix your moisture problem, try looking for and filling cracks in your basement walls with caulk. You can also consider painting your walls with a water sealing paint to reduce leaks. Ask at the hardware store for more help picking out the right product for your project. 

Dehumidify your Basement

Probably the easiest task so far is dehumidifying your basement. A simple dehumidifier can do the trick in most spaces. The downside is that these units can be pricey. Be sure you’re getting one big enough for your space. You can purchase these at the hardware store too, so just be sure to ask for help when picking one out. If you aren’t sure what is right for your home, call a professional for advice. 

Consider a Sump Pump

If the moisture in your basement or crawl space seems to pop up right after or during big storms, your home could need a sump pump. In flood zones or areas that see a lot of heavy rainfall, your home could be vulnerable to moisture accumulating around your home. No matter how much you try, that moisture may still find its way inside. A simple sump pump could be the solution. Consult a professional to determine if a sump pump is right for your home.

Get Help from Charles Moon

For help with dehumidifying your basement or crawl space, call Charles Moon. We can provide a professional inspection to assess the moisture problem in your home and recommend the best solutions for your home and your budget.


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