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How to Remove (and Prevent) Bathroom Mold

Clean bathroom

Old leaky pipes are breeding grounds for dangerous mold like black mold. Bathroom and kitchen fixtures like sinks, tubs, and showers hide dangerous mold where you don’t or can’t clean. This mold could be making your family sick.

Do your kids always seem to be getting sick? Are you feeling under the weather for no apparent reason? Do your allergies go crazy when you’re inside your home? You could have hidden mold from water leaks, old pipes, or ancient fixtures.

Ensure your home is safe and clean for your family with new pipes and complete bathroom and kitchen remodels. If we encounter mold, we’ll call the best cleaning services we know. We will ensure your home is clean before we let your family spend another day there. You can trust that you are in good hands with Charles Moon Plumbing technicians.

Mold in your bathroom is not only unsightly, but it’s also a health hazard. Mold can cause a number of health-related issues including headaches, cold symptoms, and more serious issues.  

Keep Mold out of your Bathroom

What Causes Mold to Grow in the Bathroom

Mold particularly likes to grow in warm damp places. Your bathroom is the perfect environment for mold spores to accumulate and grow. A number of factors could be causing mildew growth in your bathroom.

1. Leaky Plumbing

Leaking plumbing could be causing a build-up of warm moisture that could be fueling this annoying growth. To prevent mold from leaky plumbing, have your plumbing inspected regularly for any problems with your fixtures or pipes. If you notice any problems, be sure to call a plumber right away to fix the problem.

2. Poor Ventilation

Taking long hot showers can cause a build-up of steamy air in the bathroom. Without proper ventilation, this moisture will be trapped in the bathroom with you. As the moisture settles everywhere it can, mold will begin to grow in vulnerable spots like corners and dark spots.

To prevent moisture from being trapped in the bathroom, install proper ventilation such as bathroom fans or windows. You can also remember to take shorter, cooler showers to prevent excess moisture in the air.

3. Damp Cloth Fixtures

Similar to the problems caused by poor ventilation, leaving damp towels, rugs, curtains, or even wallpaper in the bathroom can cause mildew to grow on them. Remove towels, rugs or curtains, from the bathroom whenever possible to wash and dry. Clean cloth won’t grow mildew as quickly.

Wallpaper is a little trickier. You can’t remove it like rugs or curtains, but you can prevent mold with proper ventilation and taking shorter and cooler showers.

Regular plumbing inspections can prevent mold problems

How to Remove Bathroom Mold

Removing bathroom mildew can be relatively easy. However, it can also be hazardous to your health. Follow these simple recommendations to remove mold in your bathroom.

  • Clean all bathroom surfaces with bleach or hydrogen peroxide solutions.
  • Completely remove caulking with mold growth. Replace the caulking to prevent it from growing back.

Call a professional for large spots of mold.

Large amounts of mold could be the sign of more invasive problems. Disturbing that amount of mold could cause spores in the air, which could cause serious health problems. Hire a professional to remove large patches and inspect your home for the source.

Safety First

  • Never ever use bleach or disturb mold without proper ventilation and safety gear.
  • Wear a mask and gloves when using dangerous cleaning products and keep doors and windows open.
  • Take frequent breaks to clear your head and get fresh air.

How to Prevent Bathroom Mold from Coming Back

Preventing bathroom mold from coming back is very important. Recurring mold could become a serious problem for your home and your family.

Install Proper Ventilation (and Use It)

The easiest, and most important, way to prevent mold growth in your bathroom is by using proper ventilation when you shower or bathe. Ventilation like a bathroom fan or window will draw moisture-filled air out of the bathroom before it settles on mildew-friendly surfaces like rugs, wallpaper, or caulk.

Clean Frequently

Cleaning your bathroom with bleach and hydrogen peroxide frequently will kill the spores before they are able to grow into visible mold patches. This will help keep your family and your bathroom fixtures healthy and mold-free for longer.

  • Remember to clean under shampoo and soap bottles.
  • Remove and wash curtains, rugs, and towels.
  • Remove and wash your shower curtain.
  • Consider installing a mildew-resistant shower curtain and wash it regularly.

Schedule Regular Plumbing Checkups

Regular plumbing checkups and inspections can identify and repair leaky plumbing fixtures before mildew growth becomes an expensive problem. Have your plumbing inspected right away if you notice mold growth, an unseasonal change in your health, or a change in your water pressure that may signal a leak somewhere.

For help with your plumbing or removing mold in Berlin, MD, trust Charles Moon Plumbing. Our expert plumbers can inspect your bathroom fixtures and pipes for signs of mold or mildew growth, identify potential problems, and fix leaking pipes or fixtures to keep your home and family healthy.

Call Charles Moon Plumbing today at 302-732-3555 or contact us online. Get a free water test to check for hard water in your home too. For help with your bathroom remodel, read our Complete Bathroom Remodel Resource


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