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Switch to Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

rinnai tankless water heatersTankless water heaters are incredible. They provide nearly endless hot water no matter how many appliances or faucets you run at the same time. They are eco-friendly and take up less space. Consider making the switch today. Keep reading to find out why we think a tankless water heater is right for your home.

Endless Hot Water with Tankless Water Heaters

Rinnai has designed their tankless water heaters so they heat less water at a time. Traditional water heaters have one long coil inside that fills with water and heats. Then when you run the shower, you use the water in the coil, then it refills and starts over forcing you to wait for it to heat up before you can use hot water again.

With two coils inside the tankless unit, the unit heats both coils then uses one and refills the other, heats it while it uses the other before switching again. Like boiling a small pot of water versus boiling a large pot, by heating less water a time, the unit can heat more water faster

Learn more about Rinnai water recirculation technology to get hot water fast and keep your water hot longer.  

Eco-Friendly Water Heaters                              

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters are more environmentally friendly than traditional water heaters for several reasons.

They use less energy to heat up your water. As described above, the unit heats less water at a time, so the water heats faster. Faster heating means less energy used. This method means less CO2 emissions.

Less time needed to heat up the water also means less wasted water. With traditional water heaters, you often find yourself running the faucet waiting for it to heat up. With tankless water heaters, the water gets hot in seconds, so no more standing around waiting and less unused water down the drain.

Overall, Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters are the green alternative to hot water in your Ocean View home.

Tankless Water Heaters are SmallerClean faucet, clean water

The tankless part of a tankless water heater means that it will take up less space in your home giving back vital closet space. The small size also allows you to put the water heater nearly anywhere including a crawlspace, attic, basement or laundry room without taking up too much space.

Save Big on a Tankless Water Heater

Between saving on your Ocean View electric bills with less energy needed to heat the water, and saving on your water bills because you no longer have to wait forever for your water to heat up, you could be saving big with a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater.

Get a Tankless Water Heater Today

Ready to make the switch? Call Charles Moon Plumbing for a free quote on a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater in your Ocean View home. Call 302-732-3555 or email us online and one of our professional technicians will get back to you ASAP. Find out more about Rinnai Tankless Hot Water Heaters. For help with your bathroom remodel, read our Complete Bathroom Remodel Resource


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