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Well Pump Repair

A Well pump is a specialized pump used to transport water from underground into your home or business for use. Wells are common in areas without city sewer connections, especially in Sussex County. If you are building a new home and need a new well pump installed in Delaware, or are looking for maintenance on an existing well pump in Delaware, call Charles Moon today. 

Well Pump Installation Services in Delaware

Sussex County is in a constant state of development. There are new homes and neighborhoods developing all over the place. However, there is little to no city sewer system in much of southern Delaware. All of these new homes, neighborhoods, and businesses rely on Well water.

submersible well pump from Charles Moon Plumbing

Types of Well Pumps

Before Well pumps, people used good old-fashioned rope and a bucket to bring water from underground springs. Now, we have a variety of pump systems to eliminate the need for a bucket.

The type of pump system your home uses depends on how deep your well is. In order of depth, there are:

  • Shallow Well pumps (0-25 ft)
  • Convertible Jet Well pumps (0-90 ft)
  • Deep Well pumps (90-300 ft)

Charles Moon can install, service, and repair all different types of wells for your home or business.

Well Pump Maintenance in Delaware

Get expert plumbing help from Charles Moon PlumbingRegular maintenance on your water pump can prevent costly repairs down the road and even extend the lifespan of your unit.

Your Well pump should be checked regularly to ensure it is pumping an appropriate amount of water. If not, a technician will check that it is fully submerged in the well and check for any broken parts. 

Call Charles Moon today to schedule preventative maintenance on your Well pump. If you believe your Well pump needs repair services, trust Charles Moon to do the job right the first time.

Well Pump Replacement in Delaware

When your Well pump stops working, it can be more than an inconvenience for your family. It could disrupt your entire day. Don’t struggle with a malfunctioning unit. Call Charles Moon right away for expert plumbing service on your Well pump.

Charles Moon plumbers will inspect and diagnose your Well pump problem then provide you with a quote for repairing or replacing your unit.

If you require a new well pump installation, we will provide you with a quote on the best well pump for your home and budget. Contact Charles Moon today for more information or learn more about Charles Moon plumbing services


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