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Winterizing Services

Winterizing your home is the first step to protecting your home from damage throughout the long cold winter. Just a few simple steps could protect your home. For part-time residents or vacation rental homes, professional winterizing services are vital to protecting your investment.

Occupied and Unoccupied Homes

Clean Your Gutters

The first step to winterizing your home is to clean your gutters. It may be a hassle but cleaning your gutters can protect your roof from damage over the winter.

Large rainfalls or snowfalls will put a lot of pressure on your gutters and on your roof. If there isn’t anywhere for the water to go, it will pool on your roof causing leaks and other damage. Be sure to clear your gutters before the first snowfall to extend the life of your roof.

Insulate Your Pipes

Pipes that are exposed to freezing cold temperatures can freeze causing serious water damage to your home. To avoid this looming damage of a burst pipe in your home, the best protection is to insulate your pipes.

The most vulnerable areas are pipes in the garage, basement, crawlspace, attic, and pipes under the sink in the kitchen or bathroom. These pipes are the least likely to be insulated and are most exposed to freezing temperatures. Learn more about the signs of frozen pipes.

To protect those pipes from the possibility of freezing and bursting, have the pipes insulated by a professional during their routine winterizing services. Using foam or other insulating products, a plumber will cover your pipes to keep them protected from harsh winter temperatures. Learn more about how to prevent frozen pipes.

Clear Outside Pipes

When winterizing your home, it is also necessary to think about the pipes and water you have outside your home. Be sure to remove hoses from the spigot and drain the hose of any water.

Turn the water off to outside spigots, sprinkler systems, or other access points. Then be sure to empty the lines of any remaining water and use an air compressor to blow air through the system to remove any lingering water.

Winterizing Steps for Unoccupied Vacation Homes

Besides cleaning your gutters and insulating your pipes, there are a variety of steps you should take to winterize an unoccupied or vacation home. Occupied homes don’t need to worry about these steps because the running water in the house will prevent it from freezing in most cases. Only a professional plumber should complete these steps.

  • Drain and clear all pipes with an air compressor
  • Pressure test the system for leaks
  • Drain the hot water tank
  • Clean and winterize all toilets
  • Add antifreeze to all sink drains, traps, and toilets
  • Add notices, stickers, and wraps to all winterized fixtures and toilets
  • Firmly secure the main water line in the “off” position
  • Document in writing with supporting images all winterized services

Contact Charles Moon for Expert Winterizing Services

For help winterizing your occupied or unoccupied home’s plumbing, you can rely on Charles Moon Plumbing. With years of experience, our plumbers will properly winterize your home to protect it from the harsh winter.

Call Charles Moon Plumbing at 302-732-3555 or contact us online to schedule your winterizing service today.


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